An important & critical feature of our school's facilities is the audio video room. for entire Gitarattan fraternity.

The well equipped room has a seating capacity with complacent PVR Style chairs, air conditioners, surround sound system, lightening, A laptop, projector, DVD player, grand dais & rich curtains which inspires every student to look forward for a chance to perform. The suburb is used to host a variety of talks & functions. There is a 350 sqft podium, where genius performer and great orators woo the audience. In addition-

  • The state of the art sound system ensures that each word is clearly audible to the audience seated in the hall.
  • Noise cancelling acoustics allow the performance on stage to be highlighted.
  • The all season air conditioning system adds comfort and convenience the auditorium ambience.
  • To ensure there are no external disturbances, the auditorium is sound proof.
  • Latest technology is used for the light, sound and projection systems.
  • The whole set-up of the auditorium has an international look and feel and is one of the many feathers in our cap.