Chairman's Message

"The task of a modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts."

The only constant fact of life is change; everything changes and so does the field of education. Teaching is not merely a job today; the profession assumes the shape of facilitation, enabling the young minds stretch their imagination to the skies and beyond.

It becomes our responsibility to ignite these young minds to explore new avenues, and tread on the paths of 3R's- Right thinking, Right Eating and Right doing I want my children to think in right direction. So that they can do the right things required. I also believe that a healthy mind stays in a healthy body, so I always want my children to eat healthy & stay healthy.

We equip our children with the values and attitudes to confidently face the challenges of our present technological world. We teach them to be sensitive, empathetic, secular and tolerant.. Gitarattan Jindal Public School is eager to excel & achieve, yet never to leave loose sight of the strong value based foundation embodied in our motto. "Work is Worship" as we believe that the best preparation for tomorrow is doing our best today.

We need to understand the knack each child possesses and strike a rapport by treating them as equals, providing an opportunity to express themselves, and making the budding stars.

Our focus has always been on preparing our students for a better future, by providing a plethora of stimulates experiences to them. These shall be catalysts for them to transform into enlighten minds tomorrow. Let all pillars of the organization- parents, teachers & children unite together & work together for getting the fruitful achievement of dreams & goals.

-- Sh. R.N Jindal