Yoga & Meditation

Through a regularized routine of Yoga and Meditation, we have evolved into a sprightly and agile breed. Various asanas and breathing exercises form an integral part of the schedule. Not only we try to develop their physical ability but also help them to channelize their energy and temper them down. The practice of several yogic postures and asanas has really enhanced the concentration abilities of our learners.


A 200 meter banked skating rink offers the students to showcase their latent potential and caliber in the skating rink. It offers an integrated training facility for roller sports. Our professional coach has a special knack for keeping skaters enthusiastic about learning until they have accomplished their skating dream.

Kho Kho

This game is an amalgamation of ancient and modern values. In this direction, to strengthen their body, speed and stamina, the school provides a rectangular shaped KHO-KHO ground made on a leveled clay surface where the students are imparted rigorous training under the aliveness of experienced teachers.


Basketball instills in students a spirit of camaraderie and teamwork through positive and healthy competition. To build in each student a calm and composed personality, we have a synthetic Basketball Court. Students are given a rigorous training under the surveillance of professional coaches.

Lawn Tennis

A synthetic Court of Lawn Tennis provides an excellent opportunity for the budding sportsman to showcase their talent in this field. Special coaches horn the skills of the students and their talent is tapped in right direction to help the potential players shine at the sports field.

Floor Ball

GRJPS boasts of a splendid floor ball arena for the students in the vast precincts of its sprawling acres of ground where children are given intensive practice in the game. The place is abuzz with vigorous practice sessions throughout a working day. Our students have been performing well in this game at District State, and National Level Championship.


Today's generation is keen on playing cricket and in order to fulfill their dream GRJPS endeavor to promote them excellent coaching in cricket. We have two well laid cricket pitches. In addition we have full facilities for net practice in the game where students practice minute skills in the game under the watchful eyes of the coaches.

Great emphasis is given to sports and a large number of activities and games are pursued during school hours.


GRJPS Sports Academy facilitate enhancement of talent. Students have brought laurels to the school by excelling in various sports at zonal, Inter-zonal, State, National and in CBSE tournaments. We leave no stone unturned in providing facilities and opportunities to every budding sportsman. It bears a testimony to our keen interest in all round promotion of sports and games in our region. After school hours special coaching is given to the interested children in Lawn Tennis, Basket ball and Cricket. Children are required to enroll themselves in these sports for special training.