Head of the School

"The liberally educated person is one
Who is able to resist the easy
And preferred answers, not
Because he is obstinate but
Because he knows others worthy of consideration"
- Allen Bloom


The light of education is sure to be a respite from darkness and students are the very stars who shall twinkle and shine in the darkest of the skies. As educationists, teachers and parents, it is our duty to ensure that we furnish our children finely, so that they are ready to face the world ahead. Our motive is to festoon the minds of our students with the qualities of tolerance, dignity, respect, labor, and other essential virtues which will help them shape their destiny in the right manner.

We, at Gitarattan encourage children to appreciate the virtues of collaboration, to foster habits of responsibility and self-discipline and to promote initiative, endeavor and the exercise of individual judgment.

We project the school of the community and to accept its appreciate share of responsibility for equipping each child to final his/her own niche in society.

Let us share a common dream, world of all intellectuals who are serving for the upliftment & welfare of the Nation. Let our dear children be a part of the world of their own dreams. May they get the desired success... always!