"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other"

Class representatives are the elected students who volunteers and they are the core of the academic representation system. They enhance learning and teaching and to feedback the school and the teachers respectively on the student learning experience.

Monitor :

Class Leader : The class has two monitors the child is given the chance to develop his/her leadership deeds by representing the class on rotation basis throughout the year. This helps:

  • To create an environment for developing leadership quality
  • To develop managerial skills by taking up the responsibilities.
  • To communicate and show by example the respect for cultural, social and equity.

House System (Gitarattan@IIFE)

Liberty, Integrity, Fraternity, Equality

To inculcate & imbibe the spirit of team work & a sense of responsibility, the disciples & mentors are divided into four houses namely Liberty, Integrity, Fraternity, Equality. Each house is headed by one head boy & one head girl avowed as house-prefects. Each house as its own house master along with house associates who all are members of staff. A plethora of inter house competitions are held throughout the academic year. The house trophy for the year is awarded every year on annual day "Effervescence"