Teaching Pedagogy

“The whole art of teaching is awakening the natural curiosity of young minds and thereby satisfying their zeal.”

The school curriculum is designed in such a manner that the basic learning needs of the students are met with sharpening their intellect and helps them to make connections across the curriculum. The school follows the guidelines as prescribed by CBSE and encourages the use of experimental learning systems.

“The concept and value based integrated learning facilities the integration of global ideas and the rich cultural beliefs and values of India.”

G.R.J.P.S. curriculum includes components which equip children in various aspects of development and when imbibed in all earnest help children become well rounded individuals and making them better prepared to face the challenges of life.

Primary Level

  • Innovative curriculum and child oriented teaching methodology.
  • Enhancing sequential development such as to recall, recognize, analyse, reflect, apply, create and understand
  • Inculcating scientific discipline amongst students.
  • Preparing children for further education and lifelong learning.

Middle & Secondary Level

  • Enforcing and conducive learning environment
  • Young minds are taught to deal with real events and competently cope with the dynamics of real life.
  • Teacher and technology added learning facilitate an interactive atmosphere
  • Initiates clarity of concepts and development of skills.
  • To develop ability to communicate proficiently and a life long yearning to learn.
  • Emphasis laid on experience – observation – analysis – action
  • Aiming students to become active thinkers and confident learners

Senior Secondary Level

  • Offering students to select the stream of their interest to pursue the future course of study.
  • CBSE curriculum and textbooks playing a pivotal role in sharpening the student’s mind.
  • Inquisitiveness of students is satiated by highly advance expertise of faculty
  • Garnering a spirit of responsibility and individuality.
  • To make them understand the importance of Time Management and Man- Management.
  • Preparation of classroom assignments and assessment
  • Counselling sessions to help students identifying their field of interest.