Thematic Morning Assembly:

The School strives to create a community of thinkers, decision makers and go getters who are determined to improve the quality of life with their passion and relentless efforts.

To turn this vision into reality, the school has taken many initiatives and adopted practices to motivate students to realize this vision.

Every class is given opportunity to conduct thematic morning assembly on rotation basis where the students showcase their expressions through various forms. A vital aspect of the assembly is the talent round, where the children are given an opportunity to display their talent on stage. Thought provoking presentations are made by children on issues of social, cultural, environmental and global concerns.

Objectives of the School Assembly:

  • to unify the school
  • to familiarize the students with the common rules and ideals of the school.
  • to give due recognition to worthwhile achievements publicly.
  • to give opportunities to students to face the audience.